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Articles of Incorporation

PR No. 2.01 "Articles of Incorporation"
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PR No. 2.01.014
Release Date: June 1, 2007

Artist: Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz
Title: The Laurence Rassel Show
Series: Articles of Incorporation

Produced for German Public Radio by musician and trans-activist Terre Thaemlitz in collaboration with Laurence Rassel of Brussel's cyberfeminist collective Constant. The album combines original and liberated music with spoken word examining the gender politics of the copyLeft. An album so cutting edge German Public Radio banned it from broadcast. Also starring Tina Horne, Pierre De Jaeger, Nicolas Malevé, Femke Snelting, Marie-Françoise Stewart, Aiko Tsuji and Wendy Van Wynsberghe.

A deluxe edition double-CD with over thirty minutes of bonus audio, poster, and transcript is available from Comatonse Recordings and Constant vzw (item C.016.CD). "Useless Movement" is also available from Comatonse Recordings on limited edition 12" vinyl with extended remixes by Terre Thaemlitz (item C.016.EP). Both items may be ordered direct from Comatonse Recordings at:

Constant is supported by De Vlaamse Minister van Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport en Brussel.

01.  Previously on "The Laurence Rassel Show"...
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-01.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 2,973K

02.  Opening theme and introduction
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-02.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 4,852K

03.  A special message from Joan Smith
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-03.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 6,021K

04.  Whereas the party of the first part...
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-04.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 30,381K

05.  A special message from Peggy Phelan
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-05.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 13,232K

06.  Fetishism as a means of authoring the invisible
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-06.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 14,278K

07.  A special message from Michele Foucault
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-07.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 4,834K

08.  Laurence's confession
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-08.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 18,580K

09.  A special message from Michel de Certeau
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-09.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 2,644K

10.  On transgendered authorship
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-10.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 14,237K

11.  A special message from Roland Barthes
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-11.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 17,094K

12.  Terre's confession
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-12.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 9,610K

13.  A special message from Virginia Woolf
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-13.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 6,600K

14.  Message from Yoyogi Park
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-14.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 3,515K

15.  Sayonara (closing theme)
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-15.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 5,190K

16.  Bonus: Post-production interview with Laurence & Terre
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-16.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 22,619K

17.  Bonus: Useless movement (radio edit)
Item: Audio File 2-01-014-17.mp3
Format: MP3 96kbit/sec
Size: 7,061K

Item: CD Insert (Part 1) 2-01-014cover.jpg
Format: JPEG (RGB full-color)
Size: 2,497K
Description: High-resolution image for full-color printing.

Item: CD Insert (Part 2) 2-01-014insert.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 8,973K
Description: PDF file for black-white printing.

Item: Press Release
Format: DOC (Microsoft Word File)
Size: 32K
Description: "The Laurence Rassel Show" press release. June 1, 2007.

INSTRUCTIONS: In order to create your own copy of this release, download the files above to your local hard drive. You can then create a CDR of the audio files, and print the graphics file to make your own CD cover art. For best playback results, when burning a CDR of this album eliminate the spaces between tracks by setting the default pause between tracks to zero (0) seconds.

NOTE: Due to the length of this project, to fit it on one CDR it is necessary to burn at the MP3 rate, and not the normal CD audio rate.

If the files are opening within your web browser, save them to your local hard drive by placing your cursor over the link or opened file, click-and-hold until a pop-up menu appears, and select the option "Save file as..."


 The Wire (UK)
Item: Review 2-01-014wire.jpg
Format: JPG
Size: 516K
Description: Review by Jon Dale in The Wire (UK). Issue 281, July, 2007.

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