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THE AIDS UNCANNY, or, time for the dead to have a word with the living

PR No. 2.04 "The AIDS Uncanny"
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Available Releases:

PR No. 2.04.004
Release Date: December 8, 2006

Artist: Various
Title: The Minutes (XVI International AIDS Conference)
Series: The AIDS Uncanny
Description: For the performance of SILENT|LISTEN in recognition of the XVI International AIDS Conference, Ultra-red enlisted five Toronto-based electronic musicians. This album compiles the minutes of that performance with original tracks by Reena Katz, Scott Kerr (Kids On TV), Isabelle Noel (Miau Miau TM), Eddie Peel (Death Drive/Ultra-red), Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo), Dont Rhine (Jack Tactic/Ultra-red), and Andrew Zealley (PS Beuys).

PR No. 2.04.003
Release Date: December 8, 2006

Artist: Ultra-red
Title: The Minutes
Series: The AIDS Uncanny
Description: In this follow up to AN ARCHIVE OF SILENCE, Ultra-red analyze statements made during eight performances of SILENT|LISTEN. Crossing the US and Canada, ending up at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Ultra-red asked audiences to enter their reflections into the record on the AIDS crisis today. These are the minutes of that record.

PR No. 2.04.002
Release Date: September 1, 2006

Artist: Ultra-red
Title: An Archive Of Silence
Series: The AIDS Uncanny
Description: Since 1994, Ultra-red has deployed recorded sound in the space of political reflection, analysis and action. What action is possible when no record exists? What politics arise from a record purloined, plagiarized or presented by proxy? Reflecting on their AIDS activism, Ultra-red present an archive of site recordings, bootleg remixes and silences.

PR No. 2.04.001
Release Date: February 1, 2006

Artist: Various
Title: A Silence Broken
Series: The AIDS Uncanny
Description: Whither queer politics? The right-wing sharpens its teeth on eviscerating AIDS-funding. The federal government conspires to constitutionally disenfranchise queers. What does it mean to claim victory at a moment when what was thought surmounted makes a farcical return? Queer electronica artists Lezzies On X (Canada), Soft Pink Truth (US), Terre Thaemlitz (Japan) and others remix Ultra-red's "Death."

Series release schedule:

PR No. 2.04.005
Release Date: December 2009

Artist: Ultra-red
Title: Second Nature: An Electroacoustic Pastoral (10th Anniversary Edition)
Series: The AIDS Uncanny
Description: Double disc and remastered. New cover art and liner notes by Ultra-red reflecting on the project after ten years.

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