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PR No. 2.05 "Documents from the Speculative Archive"
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What does it mean for the State to have intelligence? To what extent is intelligence the excavation of positive facts and to what extent is that procedure bound up in the fixing of historical memory? Does the resulting historical memory precede the ideological underpinnings of the State, or is it an effect of ideology? THE SPECULATIVE ARCHIVE have produced a series of video records exclusively for Public Record. These records focus on the production of documents, their collection, circulation and reception, and their socio-political effects. THE ARCHIVE describe their work as "speculative" as a way to foreground the temporal complexities of archival and documentary practices. Their "archive" is not a physical site where a kind of static retention occurs or where historical truth is fixed, but rather exists as a set of socio-political and cultural practices in which documents, objects, and memories are taken up in ongoing processes of transformation.

THE ARCHIVE is a collaboration of Los Angeles-based artists Julia Meltzer and David Thorne.

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 LA Weekly
Item: Review 2-05laweekly.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 320K
Description: "Documents from the Speculative Archive" review by Holly Willis in LA Weekly (US). October 28 - November 3 2005.

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