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PR No. 2.06 "P.O.P."
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The art world as it exists within the boundaries of the empire-state defines itself by where the poor are absent. In the wake of increasing domination of the business model in the art world, the spectre of the poor haunts the borders of art. What we know to be art and what makes art legible as art has come to be defined in the negative. It is what the poor are not. Who are the art world's poor? They are objects of charity, a lumpen mass to be tended by the empire-state, by the philanthropic classes, by the very same patrons who deal, collect and secure tax relief from the value of art. If the poor are objects of philanthropy, then they define the boundary around the art world (as accumulation of value) and around the piety of wealth (as validation of accumulation). Projects in Public Record's P.O.P. series seek to sound out the autonomy of the poor at the limits of moral and aesthetic value. Whether informed by the Preferential Option of the Poor as advanced by the liberation church in Latin America, or by the symbolic identifications of Participatory Action Research, these projects listen to (and from) the subjectivity of the limits.

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