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PR No. 2.06 "P.O.P."
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PR No. 2.06.001
Release Date: October 1, 2008

Artist: Christopher DeLaurenti
Title: Wallingford Food Bank
Series: P.O.P.

Seattle phonographer and soundscape composer Christopher DeLaurenti delivers a gritty sonic document of poverty for his Public Record debut. According to the cliché, the starving artist holds a golden thread to class advancement. Does an artist persist in identifying with wealth even to the point of amnesia? This is the sound of the golden thread being cut.

01.  We Got Down To the Gate
Item: Audio File 2-06-001-01.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 6,984K

02.  Walking Through the Park
Item: Audio File 2-06-001-02.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 9,811K

03.  Friday
Item: Audio File 2-06-001-03.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 15,916K

04.  Spending the Hours
Item: Audio File 2-06-001-04.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 20,955K

05.  Would It Turn Out Right
Item: Audio File 2-06-001-05.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 20,536K

Item: CD Insert (Part 1) 2-06-001cover.jpg
Format: JPEG (RGB full-color)
Size: 2,874K
Description: High-resolution image for full-color printing.

Item: CD Insert (Part 2) 2-06-001insert.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 1,725K
Description: Two page document of annotations and comments.

 Press Release
Item: Press Release 2-06-001PR.doc
Format: DOC (Microsoft Word File)
Size: 32K
Description: "Wallingford Food Bank" press release. October 1, 2008.

INSTRUCTIONS: In order to create your own copy of this release, download the files above to your local hard drive. You can then create a CDR of the video files, and print the graphics file to make your own CD cover art.

NOTE: If the files are opening within your web browser, save them to your local hard drive by placing your cursor over the link or opened file, click-and-hold until a pop-up menu appears, and select the option "Save file as..."


 The Wire
Item: Review 2-06-001wire.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 196K
Description: "Wallingford Food Bank" review by David Stubbs in The Wire (UK). Issue 300, February 2009.

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